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100 years of Roca

S Abdulla Home is the official partner and distributor of Roca is Pakistan. In celebration of Roca’s centenary, we took a retrospective look at the company’s trajectory, which was at the same time an insight into our own personal and collective history, the milestones that define it and which will influence the next 100 years.

Decade after decade ROCA has progressively adapted to the scientific, technical, social, political and economic changes while always upholding the values of the family business: an unwavering entrepreneurial vocation, a daily endeavor based on effort, loyalty and ethics, and a long-term vision.

We celebrated 100 years of Roca by offering discounts on all ROCA products while highlighting all the innovations in design and ‘Everything in bathrooms’ ROCA has achieved over the years to give the best possible experience to its uncountable consumers all around the world. The family workshop created a century ago in the town of Gavà, just outside Barcelona, is currently a global operator with a presence in 170 countries and a worldwide reference point for the creation of bathroom spaces.

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