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Design Speaks

The concept we are going by is; whether it’s the structure of a house or the many different elements its frame encompasses, Design speaks for itself. Through this video series we question what it is that drives an architect’s design instincts. Is it the evolving needs of society or their own motivation towards style or comfort or innovation? Is it shrouded in tradition or a need to be modern?
We find out their motivations, their influences, and their proudest works

We at S Abdulla set out to make a video series that sets president for home brands all across Pakistan. ‘Design Speaks’ is an ongoing e-series that celebrates the people who make and create the ethos of design and lifestyle on a daily Basis. We questioned what drives the design instincts of architects – Whether it is the evolving need of society or their own motivation towards style, comfort of innovation. We asked architects questions to understand how they approach their projects, how they create a balance between modern and contemporary designs and how they are constantly adding elements to their designs that cater to the future.

What resulted was a number of Episodes of an interesting, one-of-a-kind e-series that amalgamated the expert opinions of some of the most influential architects in Pakistan – Helping us find out about their proudest works, their preferences and their biggest inspirations.

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