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How Tile Patterns Define Your Space

You will be surprised to know how deeply and extensively tile/floor patterns affect the overall feel of a space. In fact, it is safe to say that tile patterns can truly make or break a room. Therefore, being your partner in home design, our S. Abdulla team works relentlessly to come up with exclusive and exquisite designs for you to redefine your homes with.

To guide you through the wide selection of tiles we offer, we have categorized them into four broad types; plain tiles, marble tiles, stone tiles, and patterned tiles.

Plain: Finding the perfect tile to match your style can be quite a hassle and pairing it with the right design elements is even more challenging. We are here to help you with just that.

Detailed with meticulous care, S. Abdulla’s collection of processed plain porcelain tiles has really kicked it up a notch. You may think that the use of plain tiles is likely to add to the monotony of the design but it is all about using suitable shapes and sizes and combining them with the right types of tiles that could greatly spruce up the overall appearance of a space.

Exhibiting the finest quality of porcelain, our plain tiles are available in various shapes, sizes and colors, allowing you to create numerous combinations evoking completely different moods or tones.


Marble: Marble tiles are among the most widely used types of tiles. Available in some of the most intricate designs with a smooth finish, these tiles are an excellent option for flooring and strike the perfect balance between functionality and luxury.

Every design is unique and brings its own charm to the room which is why these tiles greatly determine the final look of any space. Hence, choosing the design that best matches your style and is most suited to your space is an essential step.

Being extremely durable, these graceful and long-lasting tiles can be considered a very good investment.


Adding a contemporary edge to your classic space, stone tiles are readily incorporated in various architectural designs for their rough appealing textures that make quite a style statement. These tiles are usually paired with other kinds of tiles, such as plain, to enhance the wow effect.

Stone walls can be one of the most distinctive features of a room and, therefore, the demand for such tiles has increased tremendously nowadays. From private terraces to master bedrooms, stone tiles have made their way to every design idea.


Our timeless collection of patterned tiles is a must-have. These articles have been creatively manufactured in a variety of designs, from geometric to vintage, to offer you a wide array of options to choose from.

You can use patterned tiles anywhere in the house and because they vastly contribute to creating the identity of any room, they must be chosen with great attention. Whether used alone or in combination with other tiles, with the right color palette, these tiles can really make a difference in your room.

Your home is a reflection of your personality and at S. Abdulla, we ensure that you get to design your space just as you imagined.

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