S Abdulla | Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program

Terms & Conditions for Loyalty Program

  • The issued Loyalty Card will remain the property of S Abdulla. It will be acceptable at participating outlets only.
  • Use of this Loyalty Card will subject the user to the Terms & Conditions of the Loyalty Program.
  • The customer must present the Loyalty Card, which will be swiped at Loyalty POS Terminal for point redemption/balance inquiry.
  • Rewarded points of representative customer can be redeemed only as discount/cash by contractor.
  • S Abdulla reserves the right to withdraw, cancel or revoke the Loyalty Card or any of its offer(s) at any time – there may (or may not) be a prior notice.
  • S Abdulla reserves the right to alter or amend the operational conditions of the Loyalty Card or terminate the scheme at any time – there may (or may not) be a prior notice.
  • The initial 500 points will be awarded only at the time of Loyalty Card issuance.
  • <p “>Cardholders may not resell the Loyalty Card, as it is non-transferable.
  • The company is not liable in-case of theft, loss or misuse of this card. If the card is lost/damaged, it can be reissued with the payment of a nominal fee of Rs.500/-.
  • All personal details of customers under the Loyalty Program are property of S Abdulla – subject to local data privacy laws and may be utilized for marketing purposes only as per policy.
  • If the provided information on the application form is found misleading in any way, the Loyalty Card will be void and revoked.
  • Please visit our web site www.sabdullahome.com for point redemption details.

For any query please email us at: loyalty.support@sabdullahome.com.

Points Redemption Policy

  • ‘Points Earned’ will be automatically transferred to ‘Available Points for Redemption’ after 30 days and customer will be notified via SMS.
  • Initially only in-store redemptions will be available. Redemptions can later be extended to partner networks.
  • Points will be calculated separately for each business division using the following formulae:
  • Customers
    • 1% on EIB Division DC Value
    • 2% on FUR & KIT Division DC Value
  • Referrals
    • 0.5% on EIB Division DC Value
    • 1% on FUR & KIT Division DC Value
  • Calculated points will be rounded down (flooring) to nearest hundred. For instance, points falling in range of 1,001 – 1,099 will be rounded down to 1000.
  • Redemption points will be calculated on the basis of the following formula:
  • 1 Rupee = 1 Redemption Point
  • Redemption points will only be made available for use if accumulated points are greater than 1000.
  • Customer will have to submit a request to redeem his/her points. Request can be submitted by swiping the Loyalty Card at POS terminal installed at showrooms. To raise a request, a receipt of ‘Points Available to Redeem’ can be printed. Customer will sign the slip and retain the ‘Customer Copy’ for his/her record. Customer will be notified of redemption via SMS.
  • Claimed Loyalty points cannot be reversed.
  • By default, points on discounted transactions will be calculated using ‘Amount After Discount’ and not the original amount.
  • Occasionally, the default functionality can be overridden for a specific time period. This will allow the customer to earn points on discounted prices as well. In this case, points earned will be calculated on ‘Gross Amount before Discount’. This override functionality will be applied across all divisions and will remain constant for all segments for a specific period of time only.
  • Redemption points can be redeemed within a maximum validity period of 2 years. Customers will have to claim their balance of ‘available points to redeem’ within this validity period. After the validity period, all earned points will be reset to zero.
  • Sale Returns will deduct redemption points from points earned using the same formula from both customer and architect accounts (if mapped). Both will be notified via SMS.